Does Your Tone Say Expert? If Not, You’re Screwed.

If you can’t present yourself as someone who is sharp as a tack, enthusiastic as hell, and an expert in your field, you literally cannot move your game forward. It’s that simple.

Think about it for a second: do you really do business with a freaking novice? Nope. We all want to deal with pros, or ‘experts,’ as the phrase goes, and we want to deal with people who are sharp and on the ball, and also seem excited about what they do.

Let’s go over ONE tool here to help you establish your expert status: Tonality.

HOW you say something has a huge emotional impact on the person you’re speaking to, and it’s happening directly in their gut, on an unconscious level. A tiny change of inflection in your voice can change the entire meaning of what you say. What tonality does is it allows you to add on an extra meaning to the words you say, as well as attach an emotion.

For instance, let’s go into a whisper and add on a little oomph to it. That’s what I call a power whisper, and it comes from deep in your gut. It creates the perception that what you’re saying has some extra importance to it, and that you really mean it. It’s like you’re saying to the prospect, ‘Listen, pal, this particular point is really important, and it’s something I really, really believe in; so you need to pay very close attention to it.’

But, of course, you’re not actually saying those words. They’re registering with the prospect unconsciously, in the form of a gut-feeling, which moves him on an emotional level, as opposed to a logical one. Essentially, tonality sneaks in below the radar by bypassing the logic center of the brain, and it goes straight to the gut.

How what you’re saying is perceived is based on a conscious equation the other guy is running, about whether or not you’re a person worth listening to—meaning, can you help them achieve their goals? Can you help them get what they want in life? Can you help them resolve any pain they might have? If the answer is no, then they tune out; if the answer is yes, they listen. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s to your continued massive success,