Straight Line Persuasion

Here's a new blog post from Jordan explaining the essence of the Straight Line Persuasion System and how it helped thousands of entrepreneurs and sales people increase their productivity and their paychecks.

The Essence of Straight Line Persuasion

Success isn’t difficult. Success is easy. The only thing standing in your way is your own fear and doubt. With my system of Straight Line Persuasion, I can help you overcome those fears and help you become an expert closer. You’ll be the kind of person that people not only  look up to and admire, but also would be willing to hand their hard earned cash. I developed this system so everyday people with little or no experience could become the leaders they’ve always dreamed of being. Straight Line Persuasion is an ethical and powerful approach to letting you reach your full potential.

Learn From the Wolf of Wall Street

In the 90s and early 2000s, I was making millions of dollars on the market, but I was corrupt and ruthless. I did whatever it took and I developed methods that turned people with no experience in sales into some the best closers in the world. I was spending the money just as fast as it was coming in and I ended up sitting in a jail cell for almost two years. They called me The Wolf of Wall Street because I could make people tremble in fear and awe. I was a force of nature until it all came crashing down. You can learn from the mistakes I made and make money the way it was meant to be – fast and ethical.

A Work Of Art

When my Straight Line Persuasion System comes to you it comes in a black lacquer-coated box because what’s inside of it is a piece of art and deserves to be displayed. I developed this system over many years and it has worked for many people. They come up to me every day telling me how the Straight Line Persuasion System has changed their lives for the better.  Their once failing business is now thriving, and they have never been happier. I’m a natural salesman and my demeanor is so powerful that Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese took my book and created a movie that will be coming out this Christmas. Imagine what I can do for you.  Everything I do can be learned by you. If you want to be successful, then you need to know how.

What Do You Get?

You’re probably wondering exactly what you get with the Straight Line Persuasion System. Is it a few DVDs of me spouting off endless examples of how I made my millions? Of course not, that’s not what you need. How about 10 audio CDs, so you can listen to the program in the car, while working or anywhere else you go. There’s a 180-page action book that will help you assimilate the knowledge and take action. If you like one-on-one interaction, then try out the 10 instructional DVDs hosted by me and showing you every nuance of the program. You’ll get reinforcement flashcards to keep track of your profits and fill your day with inspiration and motivation. There’s a custom carrying case because you need to keep everything close at hand. Finally, there’s a one year mentorship program with me and including all my member site resources.

The Straight Line Persuasion System works. If you don’t believe me, then watch “The Wolf of Wall Street” in theaters and watch me rise, fall and then come back stronger than ever.