Let’s take another look at fear!

In a blog post from September 16, 2015 I said we need to focus on the outcome we desire in order to avoid crashing into the fear we almost always focus on as human beings. Almost immediately responding to my post, someone brought up an important issue that we should resolve. That is: the difficulty in identifying what outcome to focus on.

Those who’ve trained with me either in person or through The Straight Line Persuasion System already know there are only two choices: you either focus on your goals or you focus on your vision. And since your goals should be leading you to your vision, that really leaves you with just one choice: you focus on both! Difficulties arise only when you don’t have both because you haven’t been trained to create them.

Extensive training is not the purpose of this blog, but I’ll share a metaphor with you today that should put the fear/goals/vision focus issue in better perspective. I hope this will spur you to study the subject of goals and vision in more depth. Sound good?

Think of your brain as an autofocus camera. If you were to point your camera directly at a brick wall and tap the shutter button, it would instantly focus on the most minute detail of that wall. You’d see the small pits in the brick and the tiny shadows they cast as well as the sharp edges where the brick and mortar meet. Most importantly, the brick wall would consume your entire field of vision. You’d see nothing else. That brick wall represents your fear.

Now tilt your camera up slightly and tap that shutter button again. What’s in focus now? Towering over your brick wall is a tree swaying in the breeze, its leaves rustling, its branches hosting flocks of chirping birds. Certainly a more hopeful picture than the brick wall. This is your goals.

Tilt your camera up higher still. When you tap the shutter button your camera will reach the limit of its focusing capabilities. Ironically, this point is called infinity! And yet that’s the perfect word to describe your vision because there’s no limit to the possibilities! Get it? Your vision is filled with blue skies.

Your vision is the end game – the big picture. Your goals are stepping stones that lead you to your vision. If your vision is to get into prime physical condition, then your goals might be to quit smoking, lose weight, eat healthier, and exercise better. Each of those goals might have smaller goals. As an example, to eat healthier you’d research the healthiest foods, where to buy them and how to prepare them so the loss of nutrients is minimized.

If your vision is financial freedom, then your goals would be to prepare yourself mentally, what I refer to in my courses as the Inner Game of Wealth. You’d need a vehicle for creating wealth. And here, knowing how to close is an absolute necessity. Doesn’t matter if you want to make widgets, invest in real estate or serve in public office. Your goal must be excellence in persuasion because at the end of the day you’re going to have to sell something, maybe an idea, maybe yourself, to create the wealth you want.

Remember, whatever you focus on, everything else becomes peripheral – less important – and ultimately, inconsequential. Focus on your vision and your fears become impotent.

All the best everyone!