Jordan Belfort: Employing A Strategic Approach To Empower Your Sales Force

For any business person aiming to improve their performance and increase their bottom line, sales training is the way to go, and this essentiality is what sales speakers endeavor to help companies achieve. Such professionals can inspire a sales force and charge them up to make them conduct their duties in a more productive manner – all for the benefit of the business. Jordan Belfort is one such motivational speaker and through speeches and guides relating to his own life experience, he has been able to help companies in various industries realize their full potential.

Currently equipped with more than 20 years experience, Jordan Belfort is a sales veteran who started his journey at L.F Rothschild, an investment firm that was then based in the US. His fortunes however ensued in the 1990s when he founded Stratton Oakmont, a brokerage firm through which he would earn millions of dollars each year. Owing to the successes he realized through this company, Belfort became a celebrated figure in the sales sector and so far, he has been featured in just about all the major print publications in the world.

Having acquired a lot of fortune at a young age, Belfort unfortunately took a wrong turn which led to his demise and subsequent conviction in 1998 but having learnt his lessons, he re-emerged with an even greater eagerness to take sales to a new level. The fact that he made his mistakes and learnt from them is what makes him a highly revered icon in the sales industry today. At present, he focuses on motivational speaking in sales training in addition to acting as a consultant for different businesses.

Jordan Belfort's Sales Training

Jordan-Belfort-Sales-Training Jordan Belfort: Employing A Strategic Approach To Empower Your Sales ForceAccording to Belfort, a salesperson has to know how to deal with a prospect regardless of the individual's business type, age, sex or personality. Having yielded to unethical practices in the past, he at the same time however, stresses on the need to keep any persuasion tactics in control. To provide a sales force with the skills required to get on with this, Belfort has come up with a number of products including the Straight Line System — a guide that broadly teaches and motivates salespeople while advocating for use of certain ethical principles.

Among other things, Jordan Belfort Sales training provides direction on the elements that one has to integrate into their sales efforts to attain success, with one of them being gaining the prospect's trust. The Straight line system also gives information about developing sound presentations that help in closing deals, not to mention a practical formula for creating referrals and establishing customer loyalty. To make the learning effective, this program comes in a package that includes audio CDs, instructional DVDs, an action book and a mentorship program.

Achieving Spectacular Sales –The Idea Behind Jordan Belfort Sales Training

Through his product, Belfort aspires to assist salespeople in gaining a deep insight into their sales efforts so that they are able to zero in on the issues that impact their performance, and subsequently come up with resourceful, corrective measures. In short his sales training allows a sales force to evaluate their procedures bit by bit with the intent of pointing out and getting past their weak areas while capitalizing on their strong points.

Other than that, Jordan Belfort Sales training also underlines the importance of projecting authoritativeness and enthusiasm in conversing with prospects. When a salesperson doesn't look like they are confident in who they are or what they are selling, no one will see the sense in it either. Likewise, in conversing with clients, he stresses on how crucial it is to focus on relevant aspects right from the outset to ensure that the client's interest is captured immediately.

Based on his personal encounters, Belfort advices salespersons to pay less attention to those who aren't interested in their product and those who can't afford to purchase it. At the same time though, he advocates for placing of extra emphasis on individuals who really want the product. It is only by taking control of the situation through such means that a sales force can drive sales in the direction they want and subsequently obtain desirable results. In addition to salespeople, Belfort's multifaceted training approach targets business owners, entrepreneurs and all other individuals who wish to make progress in life.