Your Gateway to The Quan

Listen, NOTHING in life – or business – happens without a powerful introduction. Without an intro that kicks ass and screams that you’re someone worth listening to, you’ll never get to the quan in life. You remember the quan, right? It’s what Cuba Gooding talked about in Jerry McGuire. It’s the pinnacle of everything successful. Without knowing how to build instant rapport, you will NEVER reach the quan. You will never have enough influence to inspire others to create the life you want.

Here’s why. The thing you have to understand is that, as human beings, we’re constantly sizing up our surroundings, and those around us, and making snap decisions based on how we perceive them. Is it safe? Is there danger nearby? Do we need to be extra careful about something? This sort of snap-reaction goes all the way back to the caveman days, and it’s wired directly into our reptilian brain. When we saw something or someone back then, we had to size them up instantly and decide whether to stay or run. It was only after we were sure that we were safe that we’d start debating whether or not it made sense to stick around for some potential benefit.

Believe me, that decision-making strategy is absolutely still with us today. The stakes, of course, are much lower now (most of the time), but the process happens just as quickly. In fact, it happens in less than four seconds on the phone, and in only a quarter-of-a-second when you’re face to face with someone. That’s how fast the brain reacts. Amazing stuff, right?

So your ability to influence others is decided in FOUR seconds, and trust me, influence is the gateway to EVERYTHING. If you don’t establish yourself as someone worth listening to in those four seconds, you’re done. You can’t influence anyone, and that holds true whether the deal is in person, by video, in a sales letter—online or offline. That’s your doorway to possible: 4 seconds.

Here’s to your continued massive success,