Core Values and Ethics of The Straight Line Persuasion System

Everyone seems to have a different view of what ethics is, and so, that is why there is a problem. Prior to Jordan becoming the Wolf of Wall Street, his impression of ethics was simply doing the right thing at all times, even when someone wasn't looking. If at the end of the day, he would not feel worried if anyone perused what he had done, then to him everything was  fine. However as his success grew, so did his greed and this was the problem, as he started to play loose with his ethics. One could say he just threw them out with the morning trash. The story was exciting and fun enough, that a movie was made about it by Leonardo Dicaprio and Martin Scorsese, but making money without ethics almost cost him everything.

The Importance of Ethics and The Straight Line Persuasion System

Following his own downward spiral and a period in prison, his greed was cleansed and he decided to share his ethical methods of making money. When persons question whether there is any place for ethics in Wall  Street, his answer would always be a resounding Yes!”
Actually, there are several ethical people that can be found working on Wall Street, but the few unethical persons and their associated behavior can easily overshadow an entire company very quickly, and possibly lead to its eventual demise. The collapse of Lehman and  AIG are such examples. These were large companies that were brought down, as a result of a small group of unethical and dishonest persons. To live without cause for worry is to treat your customers and all those around you ethically and with the respect deserved.

Ethical Persuasion

In developing the Straight Line System, Jordan wanted to emphasize one aspect, which was the idea of ethical persuasion. He wanted to make sure after his Wolf of Wall Street period, that everyone who wanted to follow his new path would do so in what is viewed as an ethical way. Being an entrepreneur, one of the primary concepts is being able to sell  both yourself and your product to persons. The idea of ethical persuasion is selling something because you believe the customer really needs it, and not just because you want to make money. You sell them at a fair price and only what they need. Therefore if someone needs 50 items, you do not try to sell them 500 instead. You will feel good that, at the end of the day, you worked hard to assist people. This advice would not have been followed by the Wolf of Wall Street, but he is no longer around.

Knowing Your Core

You need to master your inner, as well as your outer worlds, in order to attain success. Your mind and mindset is what makes up your inner world. You must be confident in yourself, as well as the product you are selling. Never be afraid to fail. One of the easiest ways to lose your way, ethics and perspective, is to be afraid. If you are scared, then you become desperate and find yourself easily breaking rules, to make you feel more secure. To master the outer world, you need to understand the real world. Some of the business procedures and rules that you need to learn, include marketing, failing elegantly, and consistently creating passive streams of income.
The movie depicting the rise and fall of Jordan as the Wolf of Wall Street, is scheduled for release on December 25. See how he made millions and lost it as a result of straying from his ethics. When it is over, return here and learn the correct way to get rich quickly.
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