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This is our Straight Line Persuasion System Review, and we will give you more knowledge on what The Straight Line Persuasion System is. The Straight Line Persuasion System was created by Jordan Belfort. Straight line persuasion is a pioneering multimedia home study course that guarantees immediate and lasting results. Jordan Belfort, one of the world’s top performing salesperson turned coach, created this easy to follow course, which is broken down into ten modules, to teach people how to become outstanding closers. This straight line persuasion review looks at how the system, invented in 1988, works.

Jordan, also called ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, designed the course to help people feel confident, shorten the sales cycle, enhance the closing time by at least 40% to 100%, increase client referrals, raise venture capital, and improve negotiating skills.

The straight line system applies to any industry and every job function, such as sales executives, internet marketers, customer service, management, marketing executives, retailers, coaches, consultants, and telesales executives. The system is good for entrepreneurs and business owners, large multinationals, brokers and agents, sales people of both tangible and intangible products and services, and anyone who wants to make money.

All businesses and even basic everyday functions require some king of selling. Having a good understanding and strategy for influencing, selling and persuasion is essential for success. One does not need to excel in the straight ­line system to get results. In order for the system to work, you need to set boundaries that will help you maintain a straight line to the closing of the sale. How one opens is very important, and will influence whether or not one closes the sale. The opening should make people believe that you are the right person to help them achieve their goals.

The opening should meet three key factors, namely:

  1. The client must know that you believe 100% in your product.
  2. The client must see that you know what you are talking about and that you are sharp.
  3. The client must respect you and see you as an authority figure.

Everything comes down to one’s ability to close the deal. You need to meet three key requirements, called the three ‘tens’, before closing the sale. Failure to meet even one of these requirements will lead to failure.

  • The client has to see that you love your product.
  • The client has to believe that you care and trust you.
  • The client has to respect your company.


What Straight Line Persuasion System Teaches

The straight line persuasion system teaches people how to make an excellent first impression in person and on phone in order to hold clients’ attention. The system also teaches people how to control the sale, capture immediate attention, design effective presentations, create lifetime customers, master tonality, the art of prospecting, the vision and inner strategies of sales, language patterns for closing a sale, and much more.

Course program

1. The course program consists of 10 audio disks that enable people to listen anywhere and at any time.

2. A detailed and informative 180­page action book that helps people to soak up all the knowledge and information needed for effective action.

3. Ten instructional DVDs that one can watch at home, featuring lectures and lessons from Jordan.

4. The course program also comes with reinforcement flash cards and a custom carrying case.

5. A one year mentorship program, coached by Jordan, with access to other valuable resources.


The Straight Line Persuasion System consists of 10 modules, namely:

Module 1: The Three Tenets of Straight Line Persuasion System

Module 2: The Science and Art of Prospecting

Module 3: Mastering Tonality

Module 4: Being a Leader

Module 5: The Inner Game of Sales

Module 6: Key Components of the Straight Line System

Module 7: The Science and Art of Qualifying

Module 8: Creating effective presentations

Module 9: The Art of Looping

Module 10: Creating Long Term Customers and Becoming Influential


In addition to the course program, people who invest in this product get two fast action bonuses. The first bonus allows access to the straight line online version course, at no additional cost. The second bonus is an interesting training program that details the best method of mastering the inner game of wealth creation, which is helpful in eliminating internal barriers. People who invest on the straight line persuasion system home study course get an invitation to a live 60­minute teleseminar call with Jordan.

The NEW Straight Line Persuasion System vid Review

Many factors, both interior and exterior, limit people’s potential. Some of the interior factors include a person’s state of mind, belief system, the standard of life a person is comfortable with, as well as focus. Being able to control and deal with all internal factors is vital to increasing one’s potential and achieving one’s goals.

The straight line persuasion  system review shows that people from different industries and many job descriptions value the system and rank it as one of the best courses when it comes to delivering results. The system offers practical solutions that transform the way people conduct business, improve sales and maximize profits.

Everyone seems to have a different view of what ethics is, and so, that is why there is a problem. Prior to Jordan becoming the Wolf of Wall Street, his impression of ethics was simply doing the right thing at all times, even when someone wasn’t looking. If at the end of the day, he would not feel worried if anyone perused what he had done, then to him everything was  fine. However as his success grew, so did his greed and this was the problem, as he started to play loose with his ethics. One could say he just threw them out with the morning trash. The story was exciting and fun enough, that a movie was made about it by Leonardo Dicaprio and Martin Scorsese, but making money without ethics almost cost him everything.

The Importance of Ethics and The Straight Line Persuasion System

Following his own downward spiral and a period in prison, his greed was cleansed and he decided to share his ethical methods of making money. When persons question whether there is any place for ethics in Wall  Street, his answer would always be a resounding Yes!”
Actually, there are several ethical people that can be found working on Wall Street, but the few unethical persons and their associated behavior can easily overshadow an entire company very quickly, and possibly lead to its eventual demise. The collapse of Lehman and  AIG are such examples. These were large companies that were brought down, as a result of a small group of unethical and dishonest persons. To live without cause for worry is to treat your customers and all those around you ethically and with the respect deserved.

Ethical Persuasion

In developing the Straight Line System, Jordan wanted to emphasize one aspect, which was the idea of ethical persuasion. He wanted to make sure after his Wolf of Wall Street period, that everyone who wanted to follow his new path would do so in what is viewed as an ethical way. Being an entrepreneur, one of the primary concepts is being able to sell  both yourself and your product to persons. The idea of ethical persuasion is selling something because you believe the customer really needs it, and not just because you want to make money. You sell them at a fair price and only what they need. Therefore if someone needs 50 items, you do not try to sell them 500 instead. You will feel good that, at the end of the day, you worked hard to assist people. This advice would not have been followed by the Wolf of Wall Street, but he is no longer around.

Knowing Your Core

You need to master your inner, as well as your outer worlds, in order to attain success. Your mind and mindset is what makes up your inner world. You must be confident in yourself, as well as the product you are selling. Never be afraid to fail. One of the easiest ways to lose your way, ethics and perspective, is to be afraid. If you are scared, then you become desperate and find yourself easily breaking rules, to make you feel more secure. To master the outer world, you need to understand the real world. Some of the business procedures and rules that you need to learn, include marketing, failing elegantly, and consistently creating passive streams of income.
The movie depicting the rise and fall of Jordan as the Wolf of Wall Street, is scheduled for release on December 25. See how he made millions and lost it as a result of straying from his ethics. When it is over, return here and learn the correct way to get rich quickly.
jordan belfort
Jordan Belfort, born in 1962 in Stratton Oakmont, to parents Lear and Max Belfort  is better known to the world as The Wolf of Wall Street. He is recognized around the world for his former business, lifestyle, books and a recent Martin Scorsese movie based on his life.
Since his early days, Jordan was determined to become rich and famous. This desire and motivation drove him to found Stratton Oakmont, a boiler room company which has now earned the dubious fame of defrauding investors of over $200 million. This brokerage firm sold penny stocks to gullible investors, using a pump and dump scheme leaving the investors out in the cold once the stocks started to crash. 
While running Stratton Oakmont, Belfort amassed over $1 billion, with over 1,000 loyal employees under his orders. These men were carefully trained and excelled at selling the penny stocks to investors. This effective and well elaborated scheme put Belfort and his team in life’s fast lane, making millions, partying hard and abusing drugs.
But the party could only last for so long, as the FBI smelled foul and soon an investigation on the affairs of Stratton Oakmont got initiated. The investigation accused Belfort of securities fraud and money laundering, and he got convicted of white collar crime. Belfort effectively served 22 months in jail, and was forced to pay restitution to the people that he defrauded. His original sentence was to spend 4 years in jail, but they turned out to be only 22 months after collaborating with the authorities on his case. 
While in jail he was housed with Tommy Chong who was serving 9 months for having sold drug paraphernalia online. After having heard Jordan’s epic stories, Tommy inspired him to turn his life’s story into a book. This led to the writing and publishing of two books: “The Wolf of Wall Street” and  “Catching the Wolf of Wall Street“. Together, these books have earned him millions of dollars. Recently, his first book, “The Wolf of Wall Street” has been adapted to the big screen starring Hollywood stars Leonardo Dicaprio and Matthew McConaughey.
Clearly, Jordan Belfort had the brains, determination and the will to make money and spend it as he wished. Unfortunately, his unethical tactics landed him in jail. Today, as a reconstructed entrepreneur and businessman who has learned from his mistakes, he travels around the world offering motivational talks to young business people about sales strategies and ethics in business. Each talk earns him around $30,000, which isn’t much compared to the amounts that he used to make at Stratton Oakmon. However, he’s doing good by teaching people ethical ways to make money instead of focusing merely upon getting the money by any means possible. He hopes that this will help to keep people from getting into trouble like he did years ago.
While Jordan Belfort was able to amass incredible amounts of money easily in the 1990s through his fraudulent stock brokerage firm, he has paid dearly for his mistakes. He served 22 months in jail and paid more than $110 million in restitution to the defrauded investors. All of these things have helped to teach him some very valuable lessons. These are of such importance to him that he is now traveling around the world teaching these very same lessons to other people. It is now his goal to help people overcome these types of obstacles in their own lives by making ethical business decisions. He wishes to save people from the suffering that his actions inflicted on others.

Does The Straight Line System Really Work you ask? In this video above you will learn about Jordan Belfort Straight Line Persuasion home study course, the benefits of learning it, and that you should use it only with the utmost respect to your clients. Because after all, not everyone will buy from you. Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line System, will show you how to persuade those that should buy, into buying from you. Check out the video to learn more, and if you are interested, get on the VIP list for The New Straight Line Persuasion System

For any business person aiming to improve their performance and increase their bottom line, sales training is the way to go, and this essentiality is what sales speakers endeavor to help companies achieve. Such professionals can inspire a sales force and charge them up to make them conduct their duties in a more productive manner – all for the benefit of the business. Jordan Belfort is one such motivational speaker and through speeches and guides relating to his own life experience, he has been able to help companies in various industries realize their full potential.

Currently equipped with more than 20 years experience, Jordan Belfort is a sales veteran who started his journey at L.F Rothschild, an investment firm that was then based in the US. His fortunes however ensued in the 1990s when he founded Stratton Oakmont, a brokerage firm through which he would earn millions of dollars each year. Owing to the successes he realized through this company, Belfort became a celebrated figure in the sales sector and so far, he has been featured in just about all the major print publications in the world.

Having acquired a lot of fortune at a young age, Belfort unfortunately took a wrong turn which led to his demise and subsequent conviction in 1998 but having learnt his lessons, he re-emerged with an even greater eagerness to take sales to a new level. The fact that he made his mistakes and learnt from them is what makes him a highly revered icon in the sales industry today. At present, he focuses on motivational speaking in sales training in addition to acting as a consultant for different businesses.

Jordan Belfort’s Sales Training

Jordan Belfort Sales Training Jordan Belfort: Employing A Strategic Approach To Empower Your Sales ForceAccording to Belfort, a salesperson has to know how to deal with a prospect regardless of the individual’s business type, age, sex or personality. Having yielded to unethical practices in the past, he at the same time however, stresses on the need to keep any persuasion tactics in control. To provide a sales force with the skills required to get on with this, Belfort has come up with a number of products including the Straight Line System — a guide that broadly teaches and motivates salespeople while advocating for use of certain ethical principles.

Among other things, Jordan Belfort Sales training provides direction on the elements that one has to integrate into their sales efforts to attain success, with one of them being gaining the prospect’s trust. The Straight line system also gives information about developing sound presentations that help in closing deals, not to mention a practical formula for creating referrals and establishing customer loyalty. To make the learning effective, this program comes in a package that includes audio CDs, instructional DVDs, an action book and a mentorship program.

Achieving Spectacular Sales –The Idea Behind Jordan Belfort Sales Training

Through his product, Belfort aspires to assist salespeople in gaining a deep insight into their sales efforts so that they are able to zero in on the issues that impact their performance, and subsequently come up with resourceful, corrective measures. In short his sales training allows a sales force to evaluate their procedures bit by bit with the intent of pointing out and getting past their weak areas while capitalizing on their strong points.

Other than that, Jordan Belfort Sales training also underlines the importance of projecting authoritativeness and enthusiasm in conversing with prospects. When a salesperson doesn’t look like they are confident in who they are or what they are selling, no one will see the sense in it either. Likewise, in conversing with clients, he stresses on how crucial it is to focus on relevant aspects right from the outset to ensure that the client’s interest is captured immediately.

Based on his personal encounters, Belfort advices salespersons to pay less attention to those who aren’t interested in their product and those who can’t afford to purchase it. At the same time though, he advocates for placing of extra emphasis on individuals who really want the product. It is only by taking control of the situation through such means that a sales force can drive sales in the direction they want and subsequently obtain desirable results. In addition to salespeople, Belfort’s multifaceted training approach targets business owners, entrepreneurs and all other individuals who wish to make progress in life.